Soal dan Jawaban Materi Bahasa English tentang "In Conclusion, We Believe" - SMA/MA/SMK Kelas XI

Soal dan Jawaban Materi Bahasa English tentang "In Conclusion, We Believe" - SMA/MA/SMK Kelas XI
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Contoh Soal dan Jawaban Materi Bahasa English tentang "In Conclusion, We Believe" - SMA/MA/SMK Kelas XI
Soal dan Jawaban Materi Bahasa English tentang "In Conclusion, We Believe" - SMA/MA/SMK Kelas XI

اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه

(Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh)

Puji Syukur kehadirat Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala yang telah memberikan Rahmat, Karunia, Taufik dan Hidayah-nya kepada kita semua sehingga kita masih dapat hidup di Dunia ini, serta semoga kita semua selalu mendapat Inayah dan Lindungan dari Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. آمِيْن يَا رَبَّ العَالَمِيْنَ “Aamiin ya Rabbal'alamin” ...


Shalawat, Salam serta Taslim kepada sang Revolusioner Dunia, Junjungan Alam Nabi Besar Sayyidina Maulana Muhammad Shallawlahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam yang telah membimbing kita dari zaman Kegelapan dan Kebodohan menuju zaman Terang Benerang, sangat jelas perbedaan antara Hak dan Bathil serta penuh dengan Ilmu Pengetahuan seperti saat ini.


Pada Artikel ini kami akan membahas Soal dan Jawaban Materi Bahasa English tentang "In Conclusion, We Believe" - SMA/MA/SMK Kelas XI. Sebelum masuk ke Materi marilah kita membaca Ta‘awuz : أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيمِ “A’udzu billahi minasy syaithonir rojiim” dan Basmalah : بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم “Bismillahirraahmanirrahiim” Agar Bacaan yang dibaca menjadi Berkah dan Bermanfaat. آمِيْن يَا رَبَّ العَالَمِيْنَ “Aamiin ya Rabbal'alamin” ...




Everybody should change their way of life to reduce global warming. There are several things that we can do. One of them is by buying and consuming fresh local groceries as much as possible. It of course includes local vegetables, fruits, bread, etc.


Local groceries don’t need much transportation to get it into the market. It of course means, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is less than the groceries from other region. Therefore, by buying local groceries we are helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produce.


Consuming fresh groceries instead of frozen ones are healthier for us. Furthermore, fresh food or groceries means no requirements for it to be freeze up. It means that no electricity is needed and saving energy means reducing carbon dioxide and money.


So, from now on we should consume fresh local groceries to reduce global warming.



1)       The type of the text above is …

A.     Analytical exposition

B.     Hortatory exposition

C.     Narrative

D.     Discussion

E.     Explanation


Jawaban: A



2)       The generic structures of the text are …

A.       Thesis – arguments – recommendation

B.        General statement – sequential explanation

C.        Newsworthy events – background events – sources

D.       Thesis – arguments – reiteration

E.        General statement – arguments


Jawaban: D


3)       The text gives us information about …

A.     The ways to minimize global warning

B.     The ways to increase global warning

C.     The effects of global warning

D.     The importance of consuming local groceries

E.     The importance of knowing global warning


Jawaban: A



4)       To reduce the global warming we should …

A.       Buy import product

B.        Buy expensive clothes

C.        Consume frozen foods

D.       Consume fresh foods

E.        Not use electricity efficiently


Jawaban: D



5)       We are helping reduce the amount of global warming” (Paragraph 2) The word reduce can be replaced by …

A.       Increase

B.        Decrease

C.        Improve

D.       Add

E.        Maximize


Jawaban: B




Smoking in restaurants is not just disturbing. It must not be allowed because it is rude, harmful to others and dangerous for the smokers.


Firstly, smoking in a restaurant is impolite. The smell of the smoke affects all people and can turn them off their food. People pay to taste good food and not to be put off by foul smelling smoke.


Another reason smoking should not be allowed in restaurant is the harm it can do to others. Passive smoking that is breathing in smoke made by a smoker can lead to asthma attacks and even cancer.


Finally, smoking is dangerous and a health risk to the smokers. Cigarettes cause heart and lung disease and people should not smoke anywhere, not just in restaurants.


Therefore, smoking in restaurants is impolite, harmful to others and a health risk to the smokers and should not be allowed in any restaurants.



6)       Smoking in the restaurants must be avoided because …

A.       It is harmful to other.

B.        It is impolite

C.        It’s dangerous to the smokers

D.       It can cause hearth and lung disease

E.        All answers are correct


Jawaban: E



7)       We have many reasons to say that smoking must be avoided. The word reasons mean …

A.       Conclusion

B.        Point of view

C.        Argument

D.       Reinforcement

E.        Statement


Jawaban: C



8)       What is the purpose of the text?

A.       To inform the readers to the readers

B.        To persuade to the readers

C.        To describe to the readers

D.       To tell a story to the readers

E.        To argue about smoking to the readers


Jawaban: B



9)       The synonym of the word dangerous in the text is …

A.       Rude

B.        Impolite

C.        Health risk

D.       Harmful

E.        Disease


Jawaban: C



10)    Smoking in restaurants is impolite, harmful to others and a health risk to the smokers and should not be allowed in any restaurants.

The sentence above characterize as ....... of the text

A.       Thesis

B.        Arguments

C.        Reiteration

D.       Topic sentence

E.        Supporting details


Jawaban: C



11)    Smoking in restaurant should not be allowed. It means that …

A.       People should do smoking in restaurant

B.        People should not do smoking in restaurant

C.        People must not smoking in restaurant

D.       People is not suggested smoke in restaurant

E.        People should smoke in restaurant


Jawaban: B




To improve comfort and cleanliness at our school, a number of dust bins should be increased.


When we look at classrooms, school corridors and school yard, there are paper mineral water cups, straws, and napkins here and there. The condition of uncleanliness and discomfort really hinders learning and teaching environment. Litters thrown carelessly cause disease, especially empty plastic cup or glasses. They can be filled out with water coming from the rain. This can be placed for dengue mosquitoes to spread out.


Besides, these rubbish can deteriorate the scene. Well painted wall and green school yard do not mean anything litters are scattered everywhere.


Anyway I notice that most of the students in our school have responsibilities for the school environment. They put their litters on the proper places. But some are not diligent enough to find the dust bins. The numbers of dust bins in our schools are not enough. One dust bins should be put beside each of steps, outside of the classrooms, and some more also in the corridors.


Probably one dust bin should be in every ten meters. So when students want to throw away their litters, they can find the dust bins easily.


When school is equipped with sufficient dust bins, we do not have problems of freak and discomfort any more. Our school will be very clean and become a nice place to study.



12)    According to the writer, more dust bins ....... in every ten meters.

A.       Should be decorated

B.        Should be painted

C.        Should be placed

D.       Are unnecessary

E.        Are not required


Jawaban: C



13)    What is the writer’s argument on a sufficient number of dust bins?

A.       They can prevent litters

B.        They can save janitor’s energy

C.        Students are asked to clean them

D.       They make school environment neat

E.        Students can throw garbage away easily


Jawaban: E



14)    What is the writer’s suggestion?

A.       To buy more dustbins

B.        To hire more gardeners

C.        To use dustbins efficiently

D.       To ask parents to give more dustbins

E.        To ask students to clean the school yard


Jawaban: A




School uniform is special clothes worn by all students of a particular school. The uniform of a school may differ from others. Why should schools use uniforms? Below are some reasons.


First of all, Notre Dame’s Department of Sociology produced a study in 1998 concerning school uniforms. Their findings using 10th grade students showed that uniforms have no direct effect on “substance abuse, behavioral problems or attendance.” It also claimed a negative effect on student achievements for those students considered ‘pro-school’.


Secondly, uniform helps to create a strong sense school ethos and a sense of belonging to a particular community. As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards, which is why a uniform is often adopted by schools which are being reopened with a fresh start after being classified as failing.


Finally, uniform acts as a social leveler, under which all students are equal in the eyes of the school and of each other. In institutions without uniform students are often competitive and worry endlessly about their appearance and the clothes they should wear. Pupils without expensive designer clothes and trainers may be singled out as social outcasts, or stigmatized as being from poor backgrounds. For these reasons many parents prefer uniforms as they save them money on buying clothes for school wear.


Considering the findings, schools should implement the uniform as their identity. The government should also publish some kind of rule which makes uniform compulsory for schools.



15)    In institutions without uniform students, one will be regarded poor because he/she …

A.       Does not wear a school uniform

B.        Cannot afford to buy a school uniform

C.        Wears no expensive designer clothes

D.       Posses a bad academic record

E.        Has a bad attitude at school


Jawaban: C



16)    “As such it promotes discipline and helps to drive up academic standards .......”

(Paragraph 3). What does the it word refer?

A.       Community

B.        School ethos

C.        Research finding

D.       A study

E.        Uniform


Jawaban: E



17)    The last paragraph is about …

A.       The writer’s suggestion

B.        The writer’s arguments

C.        The writer’s reasons

D.       The writer’s reiteration

E.        The writer’s thesis


Jawaban: D



18)    “……. Substance abuse, behavioral problems or attendance.” (Paragraph 2). The antonym of “attendance” word is …

A.       Arrival

B.        Come up

C.        Appearance

D.       Presence

E.        Absence


Jawaban: E



19)    Arrange these jumbled paragraphs into the correct order.

a)    Those who want to penalise older, leaded petrol vehicles and their owners don’t seem to appreciate that, in the country, there is no public transport to fall back upon and one’s own vehicle is the only way to get about.

b)   In all the discussion over the removal of lead from petrol there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of difference between driving in the city and the country.

c)    While I realise my leaded petrol car is polluting the air wherever I drive, I feel that when you travel through the country, where you only see another car every five to ten minutes, the problem is not as severe as when traffic is concentrated on city roads.

d)   I feel that country people, who often have to travel huge distances to the nearest town and who already spend a great deal of money on petrol, should be treated differently to the people who live in the city.

A.       a-b-c-d

B.        b-c-d-e

C.        d-a-b-e

D.       c-d-e-a

E.        b-c-a-d


Jawaban: E



20)    Arrange these jumbled paragraphs into the correct order.

a)    The first, college students are adults, not elementary school children. The student has an ability to determine which of the acts he should be doing which is not because the student has a different mindset with the child. The student is able to determine what he needs in the course so he will not neglect to improve his knowledge even though he is not attending the class

b)   To summarize, attendance in college classes should be optional. Students may already know the material that the professor will cover. Sometimes the professor lectures on material that is in the textbook, so students can read it on their own time. Therefore, in my opinion, compulsory attendance in college classes should be abolished.

c)    On my first day of class in an American university, I discovered that there are many differences between universities in US and in my country. One difference hit me immediately when the professor walked into the classroom dressed in casual pants and a sports shirt. Then he sat down, and I received a second shock. He sat down on the desk, not behind the desk. The biggest shock happened when he passed out a piece of paper listing the requirements of the class. I learned that I was not allowed to miss any classes! In my country, professors do not know or care if students attend lectures, but in the United States, professors actually call the roll at the beginning of each class meeting. In my opinion, compulsory attendance in college is completely inappropriate for two reasons.

d)   Students often have other obligations such as work and family. Not infrequently we meet there are students who have to work to help the cost of lectures and this has become a necessity for him. So also with students who already have a family. Sometimes the affairs involving the family are more important than attending the class so the students tend to leave the class because they think the class can be replaced by learning independently.

A.       a-b-c-d

B.        b-c-d-e

C.        c-a-d-b

D.       c-d-e-a

E.        b-c-a-d


Jawaban: C


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